Virtual Health & Fitness Spirit Week

Health & Fitness Spirit Week

April 27-May 1

Please Take Photos/Video and Share With Us!

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Monday, April 27

Wear: Lake Blue & White
Activity: Teach your family the Dolphin Chant (here is a recording), and do the Wave!

Tuesday, April 28

Wear: Pattern Day (stripes, polka dots, plaids, etc)
Activity: Go for a walk after lunch or dinner with your family.

Wednesday, April 29

Wear: Rainbow Colors
Activity: Do your best to eat the rainbow in fruits and vegetables. List of foods by color here and here is a printable chart.

Thursday, April 30

Wear: Sports Jersey or Team Uniform
Activity: Do each movement for 30 seconds, rest, repeat, as many times as you can.

 Frog Jumps, Bear Walk, Crab Crawl and Starfish Jumps. Video here with demonstration.

Friday, May 1

Wear: Pajama Day
Activity: Do 10-20 minutes of yoga, stretching or mindful meditation. Tons of great videos for yoga and meditation here.