Teacher Appreciation Week

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Monday, May 4

On Monday, we encourage you to tell your teacher how much you…
Love (️ ❤️) how they encourage you in special ways
Like ( 👍) what’s happening in their virtual classroom
Celebrate (🎉 ) their achievements with students
Care about (😍) their commitment to students and families
Post one of those above emojis on our Lake PTA Facebook or Instagram Pages.



Tuesday, May 5

Tuesday, write (or type) a personal thank you card to your teacher or staff member and email it! Here's an idea of how to start your letter:

"You are so amazing— Thank You, it makes me emoji-tional!"

Staff and Teacher Directory: 

Learning Center Teachers: 

Wednesday, May 6

On Wednesday, fill your teacher's virtual flower vase. Draw a picture of a flower and email to your teacher, or take a picture of a pretty flower from your yard.

You can also share with us on our Lake PTA Facebook or Instagram Pages.

Here are a few Youtube tutorials about drawing flowers if you need some help: 

Art Hub: How To Draw Three Spring Flowers 

Thursday, May 7

Upload a #TBT (throwback Thursday) of you and your favorite teacher and thank them on our PTA Facebook Page, or tag us on Instagram!

Friday, May 8

On Friday, fill out and send to your teacher (scan or take a photo) the "All About my Teacher."

Click here to Download All About My Teacher

All About My Teacher

Or, you can copy & paste this in to an email!

My Name

My Teacher is _ _ _ _ _ years old

My Teacher likes to

My teacher's favorite color is 

My teacher likes to wear

I love when my teacher

My teacher always tells me

I will always remember

I like my teacher because